Saturday, August 3, 2013

Op Lose 30 Begins!

In high school I was never the chick all the guys talked about, I don't ever remember wearing a size small, I remember always dreading summer cause I hated wearing a swimsuit. Even though I played sports I had curves and problem areas. I didn't mind my body though. I was happy, never contemplated diets or starting an eating disorder. Once I stopped playing sports I didn't stop my eating habits. I cant help that I LOVE FOOD!!! I was also in a long term relationship where you get comfortable and don't watch your figure as much! Every so often I got on a gym kick but that was always soon derailed as I returned to beer and junk food, again I LOVE FOOD!!!  Living life, having fun, and making memories always trumped getting skinny.
During my pregnancy with Sawyer I didn't watch what I ate, in fact I usually ate a bag of Cheetos, a Reese's PB Cup and a Dr. Pepper daily...guess that's why I gained almost 70lbs! About 4 months after Sawyer was born I started getting the idea I needed to start shedding the baby weight, but always came up with excuses to avoid working out. Zack deployed in October (6months after I had Sawyer), before he left we took family pictures and that planted the seed that I needed to look better before he came home!
*Still wearing maternity cloths or size 16 stuff*
I started by mostly eating Lean Cuisines since I was just shopping for 1 really and walking with Sawyer in the stroller. It wasn't until right after Christmas that I went full force into getting fit. Zack was set to come home in April so I had 3.5 months to get a better body! I started counting calories using MyFitnessPal (my user name is JSmith032310, if you want to add/follow me), playing WiiFit and Biggest Loser Wii since the winter weather in Cali didn't allow for many walks outside.
In 2.5 months I had lost 19lbs, my original goal was to be 160lbs when we picked Zack up but I still had a month to go and was so close I knew I would be lighter than that picking him up! Two weeks before picking Zack up at the airport I was down 25lbs at 158:
Picking Zack up I was able to wear the same shirt we met in and it was even a tad big, and wear pants a whole size smaller than he'd ever seen me wear:
I kept slimming down but with our PCS quickly approaching I wasn't as dedicated my last progression picture came a week before my 6 month mark on a journey to a healthier me, I had lost 39.5lbs!

I got down in the 130's but with the move and new foods climbed back up too right around that 144 mark when I got pregnant with Bristol. I told myself I wouldn't gain 70lbs again so I tried to watch what I ate **hard to do when all you want to eat is sweet stuff** and walked like a crazy woman trying to not gain too much. This go around I gained about 50lbs.

This was September 2012, 1 month before I got preggo!


You may have heard my story before but I felt the need to re-tell it on here for some personal motivation. I have done it once and I can do it again! It won't be as cheap or as easy as it was at Beale to cook as healthy but I'm getting on the skinny recipes again, as good as the not so healthy tastes its not helping this girlish figure slim down! Now that today marks my 6 week post C-Section date I'm ready to start seeing the numbers go down. I need to find my groove that works- hoping to get a workout in after bedtime or in the morning, dealing with toddler and newborn is A LOT different than just newborn! I plan on using Lean Shakes again and the Wii along with walking/jogging. I'm really considering doing Couch to 5k, and finding out when a 5k is here and making it one of my goals to complete it! I also decided to take better before pictures so I can see the change.

 So here we go Operation Lose 30 begins!!!


  1. Get it gurrl!! C25K is a great program. It's how I got started. Do another round of P90X!!

    1. Do you use an App on your phone for C25k? If so which one? My only problem is the CP schedule and my double jogger wont fit Bristol until about 6 months (wont fit a car seat)so Im gonna have to find 40 min that Zack can take the kids!

    2. I used the app from Zen labs. It synced with my iPod playlists or Pandora. And it had little chimes when it was time to walk/ run instead of a random voice LOL There's a free version with ads and a $1.99 ad-free version. Good luck with the scheduling part!

    3. That's the one I downloaded so we shall see if I can get this down. Not to mention its already 80* with 80% humidity at 8am here!!!

  2. Ok, I'm with ya. I think I started really working on losing my weight in the beginning of June, and am only down about 8lbs. I do really well for about 3 weeks then totally slack or find excuses....if you can do it a SECOND time, I think I can do it once....

    1. You totally can, its slow going getting started I will admit but once you start seeing results it gets addicting!