Sunday, July 21, 2013

First 4 Weeks as a Family of 4

Phew!!! Looking back on the last four weeks and sometimes it still doesn't feel real. Being a family of four is exhausting but fun. We haven't done too much in the last month but I can say we are getting better about the amount of time it takes to leave the house!

Thing 1 is growing up so fast, he amazes me everyday! Before giving birth I was worried how Sawyer would take not getting 100% of the attention, now that we have the first 4 weeks under our belt I can tell you Sawyer LOVES his Sister! There are times during her hours of screaming that he tells her "Stop It!" but usually he asks her "What's wrong Baby Sisser?". He has tried to pick her up a few times, give her hot wheels to calm her down and asked her if she would like "Mac Cheese too" (trying to share his dinner). Zack and I are still doing our best to spend equal time with Sawyer and her, some days its harder if she is having a rough day though. I'm finally healed enough that I have taken just Sawyer to the store with me so he gets out of the house and we even got to have a Mommy Son park trip. We have also returned to our mostly daily park trips, that usually means 1-2 hours at the park! Most of the time he gets to play with his best friend Makayla, she is a year and a half older than him, 95% of the time they play soooo good together and they are just too cute together! Sawyer is doing very well riding his Tricycle inside, I think he is ready for us to take it outside, we were leary since he is so accident prone to ride outside until he mastered the carpet and riding indoors. I can remember Sawyer being little and thinking I can't wait til he talk, now I find myself saying "Does this kid ever be quiet?!" He is constantly gabbing away about what he is doing or what he sees. He can count to 15 on his own and his ABC go like this "ABCD..OP..QRS..YZ". He has recently started singing me The Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He still loves his animal book and out of the 100 animals he can name 91 of them :) I have started getting the "Are you ready for PreSchool?" emails, NO I am not ready to have a PreSchooler, ok maybe I am but I remember when his little butt was keeping me up all night I feel like I blinked and now I have a little man on my hands!!! What is even crazier is thinking Sawyer will be 5 when we leave Japan and Bristol will be 3!
He LOVES playing with my iPhone and taking pictures...
This is just one beauty I found on there :)

Took him to play at Showa before the heat/humidity got bad

Hot laps in the hallway

Its also crazy to think that Thing 2 is going to be a month old tomorrow! Bristol is having some Colic and Gas issues, which has led to many hours of crying a day. The crying is emotionally exhausting, there have been a few times I have to go in another room and just cry myself! We ended up switching formula and trying new bottles. Now that she is on Similac Sensitive she seems to be doing less screaming and crying (by less only 3 hours a day compared to the 6-7 she was before). We were struggling to get her back to her birth weight of 3.8kg but after 3 weeks we finally did it! It is taking some major adjustments for me on nightly feedings, I forgot how much I love sleep! Thankfully Zack has been on leave the last month and stays up until her midnight feeding is done, but with him going back to work this coming week I've been doing them all to get in the groove. I have fallen in love with Coffee all over again, I don't think I could function without caffeine right now. The last couple days she has also decided that she doesn't need to sleep as much, which also makes her cranky! She will sleep if you hold her but we are NOT starting that,  I'm thinking that if I can get my hands on a baby monitor (the video one we have sucks and you cant hear a dang thing) then its time to start making her sleep in her crib, I also need to find a sound machine because she runs the battery down on my iPhone since its the one thing that I have found that helps her sleep! I have already had to retire some Newborn clothes and have her start wearing her 0-3 month stuff. 
Wide awake in the middle of the night...

Trying to get her to nap but she likes peeking to see what's going on!

Since I am an only child I am looking forward to watching the bond between Thing 1 & Thing 2! I can only imagine the trouble these two will get into, and how much hair dye I will need to start covering all the grey they will give me! Here are a couple comparisons to show you how much alike these two are:

Sleeping Babies :)

Both 3weeks old!

Well the Bristol is hungry again and I don't want her waking Sawyer up! Until next time....


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