Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Shoes+ New Goals = Feeling Motivated!

Its been a month since I started my Operation Lose 30. The first month wasn't as successful as it could have been but I didn't go backwards so that a plus! My knee is feeling better but I am trying not to push it, I have been doing the elliptical at the gym to get my sweat on! This feels like a huge step for me because I HATE going to the gym. Not because I don't like working out, because I feel like the instant I step in I am being judged on my weight. I feel like people who are fit don't give credit to those trying to get fit. I find the empty stares and lack of smiles you get when you step into the gym very negative and slightly intimidating! But with my body protesting me jogging and walking on the pavement I had to buckle up, and get over thinking about what others are thinking so I can get to my goal. Right now its doing low impact, building leg muscles to strengthen in knee so I can get back out on the pavement!

 Anyone who knows me knows that I am good at making spontaneous decisions well this morning was one of those days.... I got up checked my facebook and decided I wanted to join a Biggest "Louser" Challenge here on base! With only an hour until a weigh in I found a partner to compete with me and made it to the gym! Now we got there before weigh ins so we got a good 45min of cardio in and I fell in love with this new elliptical machine which will probably become one of my best friends until I can run/jog outside.
Its one of those virtual everything machines. You can watch your progress on a track, up a mountain, around a housing area, or the intensity level. Or if you don't want to watch your progress you can watch TV (AFN of course) right there on the screen in front of you! AND to make it even more awesome you can hook up your iPod/iPhone/MP3 player and it will charge it while you workout. If we have more room in this apartment I would be seriously thinking of just buying my own!

So after our nice cardio workout it was time to face the numbers, now my WiiFit weighed me in at 167.8 this morning, but that was right after waking up. A couple hours later after our workout and drinking water I weighed in at 170 on the gym scale... 3 pounds seems like a HUGE difference, but clothes and water must do that to you! I really like my number better but for competition sake 170 is my starting weight. Then we used a Omron Body Logic Fat Loss Monitor to measure body fat and BMI. Appears you can buy your own on Amazon , might be an interesting tool to have at home! These measurements were a little eye opening Body Fat: 31.6% and a BMI of 27.8. Really looking forward to seeing those numbers drop a little!

My plan for the following month is to get at least 4 days of Cardio in per week as well as strength and toning workouts outs at home (WiiFit Biggest Loser, modified p90x workouts, even some Jillian workouts). I want to be active daily. Meal planning will continue on as usual, We have been eating fairly "skinny" and I keep finding new healthy recipes my boys love! I seriously don't know where I'd be without!  I do need to work on drinking more water, there have been days that I go and only drink 16oz of water on top of my 10oz cup of green tea in the morning!  

I am totally in love with my new shoes I found at the Yokosuka NEX, Nike Vomero 8's. I feel like they really help my supination issue and are totally comfortable **and cute**. After almost 10 miles this week on the elliptical my feet don't hurt, nor do my joints (but the Mobic might be helping in that area).

I guess its time for my sweaty self to go shower and get ready for my day with the family! I'll leave you with my monthly body pics, not much change I see from last month but hopefully the measurements will go down!

Until Next Time

31 August 2013
Weight: 170
Body Fat: 31.6 %
BMI: 27.8
Waist: 37.5 inches
Hips: 44 inches
L Thigh: 25 inches
R Thigh: 25 inches
L Arm: 12 inches
R Arm: 12 inches


  1. Sweetie, once you hit thirty you'll start to care less and less what anyone else thinks of you at the gym (or anywhere else). I'm just now getting there at 32 and it used to be the same way for me. You start to realize that while it may seem like people are looking at you at the gym, they're all doing their own thing and most of them don't even notice you. Or at least this is what it's like for me at 6am ;) Just keep it up, you got this! :)

    1. LOL Thanks. I had to laugh this morning when these young buff guys were on the elliptical and staring at themselves in the mirrors!

  2. You go, girl! You are even getting me motivated; went through physical therapy last year for knees and can feel them slipping back. My knees like a machine called an arc trainer; don't know what the difference is, just know they no longer like the elliptical.

    1. Before the age of 18 I had already had 2 knee surgeries. My last surgery which was 10 years ago now, left me unable to walk for months and I had to do many months of physical therapy, so I know knee pain all too well.