Monday, August 19, 2013

Never felt so good to sweat so much!

19 days ago I decided it was time to start Op Lose 30... Now living in Japan you are subjected to some AMAZING food and drink and as I mentioned before I LOVE FOOD!!! So after stepping on the scale almost a week ago I was pleased with my 2.5lb loss. I have realized that Operation Lose 30 is so much as just losing 30 pounds as it is getting in better shape, I don't want to focus on the number 30 too much. Its really just bringing food and exercise together and finding stuff that works for me!

As for food, I haven't stuck to eating hardcore healthy every single day the last 16 days and honestly I don't plan to get so hardcore that I deny my mouth the Japanese off base deliciousness!!! I'm making a goal to try and eat out only once a week at the most. While eating out of the house I try to watch my portions and not eat my whole plate if its not an extremely healthy meal (I have failed at this eating CoCo's - but I did get 200g of rice instead of 300g lol) but I'll be making a more conscience effort. I also need to get back into the eating every 2 hour habit, sometimes I just lose track of time or get caught up changing 2 sets of diapers and feeding children that I forget to snack. Although I have found quite possibly my new favorite snack: Special K Popcorn Chips! Now they aren't as good as movie theater butter popcorn but they satisfy the salty popcorn craving well! I have been stalking SkinnyTaste recipes lately too and getting back into the swing of making healthier dinners for the family! I also haven't been drinking meal replacement shakes (GNC Lean Shakes) but will start that seems to help kick start my metabolism and makes it easier to not miss a meal.

Exercise... A word that contains so many emotions. So far I've only done 2 Wii workouts. I was being slightly lame and making excuses like I was too tired at night to do one and the mornings it was better to just sit around waking up. Well I started thinking about me wanting to do a 5k and C25K and decided that the only way to start making me accountable is to know when there was a 5k and COMMIT! Not only did I find one but I love the cause it supports (Breast Cancer Research), I will be RUNNING (I opted not to click the walk portion and already paid my registration fees for the run, so no turning back now) Run for the Cure 2013 in Tokyo! The run is in November so I have 15 weeks to get race ready, plenty of time!!!  The past 2 mornings I have been out on the pavement around 5am getting this body moving. I completed my first day of C25K training and it felt good, wasn't too easy or too hard. After completing day 2 it didn't feel easier but I beat my mile time from the first day! My goal is to get my run down to a 9 min/mile.

Just a few small things I didn't mention above I have decided on that will help me get to my end goal:
- Taking the stairs up & down when I don't have children with me.
- Drinking more water
- Cut out coffee and drink Green Tea!

Well its time to meal plan for the week and hit the commissary! Keep putting one foot in front of the other, make small goals and if you need motivation reach out to a friend or join an exercise forum!

Until Next Time

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