Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Week of Appointments Leading to a Reality Check That I am NOT a 16yr Old Athlete Anymore!

This week has been a week of many appointments, ending in news that could be worse but I still didn't like hearing...
Monday  I made a hair appointment to take some Mommy Time while Daddy watched the kids. With this heat and humidity mixed with having two kids under 3 keeping me busy I didn't feel like I had enough time to manage my medium length hair and wanted something cooler. I thought about going back to my high school hairstyle but figured I needed a "Mom" cut. I opted for Posh Spice inspired Bob. Hoping the shorter style will be easier to maintain and the front is still long enough to put up when I exercise!
Tuesday I had my 8 week postpartum check and IUD procedure. My OB/GYN doctor said everything is healing great and told me IF we were to have another I am no longer a VBAC candidate, which is fine IF we decide on another I wouldn't even opt for a VBAC. After reading horror story after horror story I still decided on the Mirena, I don't have to remember to take something everyday and its a semi-permanent solution to prevent a 3rd Smith running around for awhile! So far I haven't had any of the crazy symptoms you read about in the horror stories and the whole procedure was relatively painless and quick!   
Wednesday Little Miss Bristol had her 2 month well-baby appointment... AHHH where did these past 8 weeks go to! I feel like just yesterday she was in Tachikawa at the NICU now she's in 3 month clothing (mostly some 0-3 still fits) and a little chatter box when she's awake! She weighed in at 10lbs 12oz and is 22 1/4inches, right in the 50th percentile for her age. The new pediatrician is AMAZING, sadly she is just a manning assist while our other is out but she was so great I wish she would stay! She said Bristol's development looked great and had no concerns.
Thursday I took another Mommy day but it included carting the kids around since Zack was working nights. One of my Friends and I drove down to Yokosuka, I was on a mission to get new running shoes since I needed a new pair, I was wondering if my shoes were part of my knee issue. I did get a pair and REALLY want to try them out but that leads me to Friday's appointment...
Friday I finally called and scheduled an appointment with my PCM to get my knee checked out. Last Saturday I went on a 7.5 mile bike ride followed up on Sunday with another day of C25K which I got my run time down and was so stoked! But after my cool-down and was relaxing in the house my knee started killing me. I have had 2 knee surgeries, one on each knee back in the day of being a school athlete. My last surgery- a Lateral Release- was 10 years ago and left me on crutches for months and lots of physical therapy, so I know my knees have some problems. After not working out for 5 days and the pain becoming no better and worse by the day I knew I had to at least go make sure I didn't tear anything. After a not so pleasant exam of twisting and pulling and pushing on my knee, I got news that could be worse but Dr. S is on board with getting me to run the 5k in November so I will make it through....
I managed to sprain my MCL and have possible Bursitis. Now he was 75% sure its just a sprain and I didn't tear my MCL but I have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks to re-evaluate it. He also suggested that at my next appointment we talk about sending me to the orthotics lab on base for custom knee braces, he said the position of my hips and leg shape appears to put a strain on my joints as it is which is made worse by exercise. The current plan of action includes R.I.C.E. and Mobic (Mobic: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis). He doesn't want me to start up any outside running if I start feeling better until after my follow-up and has suggested swimming and elliptical if I feel up to it. Also he suggested I quit wearing flip-flops, they are the worst choice of footwear since they have no support and with my gait and alignment issues put added stress on my joints, he said if I want slip-ons Birkenstocks or Crocs are the best options... guess I need a pair of Birk's then :)
So what have I learned from all this? Apparently I jumped into getting ready for this 5K a little too hard too fast after being so inactive (I'm still blaming the bike ride on causing this, since I didn't feel bad when I was running). I am getting older, I am no longer that 16yr old high school athlete therefore my joints need a little extra TLC and don't bounce back from injury as well as before. I hate not being able to work out but hoping by taking it easy, when I do start training again it will feel great! Dr. S is also going to help me lay out a workout plan that will get my 5K ready. Although I want to be out there running as I type this I am thankful for medical providers who want to help me to my end goal and are supportive instead of telling me to give up!
Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery cause I want to wear my new shoes so bad and hate feeling like a lazy bum!!!
On a more positive note I am down 4lbs in Operation Lose 30... Kind of looking forward to taking my progress pics around the 1st of the month because although I might not be dropping lots of weight I am feeling better and feel like I have less back fat!

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