Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tachikawa Tour Results in Black Eye

The Airmen and Family Readiness Center does a few free tours, luckily someone was able to set up a trip where they allowed strollers! Kind of strange they are supposed to help families but wont allow strollers on their tours. Our tour was to Tachikawa, seven stops from Fussa. This was our second train ride and I'm not to scared to ride the trains anymore!
Train Ticket

On the tour we visited 2 of the major department stores right by the station as well as BIC Camera, which has 2 floors that are a craft store.
One of the Department Stores

In UNI QLO- US College Sweats for kids
Florida Gators, Michigan, and CAL was all they had.
We just looked around and tried to keep up with the tour guide, who seemed to not really know what to do with people with strollers. After exploring UNI QLO we went to the next department store to ear and look around. I didn't get a picture of my lunch but it was Tempura Shrimp and Soba Noodles, again another delicious meal! Afterwards we went to a kids play area. Sawyer takes after his Mom in the accident prone area, got pushed by another little kid trying to go up the slide, and his face met the slide stairs. Thankfully he didn't start bleeding but he screamed and there was a lot of tears! Our tour guide was translating with store employees who were trying to tell me I needed to take him to a doctor but I just wanted an ice pack! After about 30min and 4 employees later we finally got some ice packs and decided to move to BIC camera!
Sawyers Start to his First Black Eye!
BIC camera was neat the top two floors were a craft store a lot like a Michael's. I didn't get too many pictures since I kept checking on Sawyer and just taking everything in, going somewhere new can be very overwhelming here but I'm trying to get better about taking more pictures, I also know we will be here for four years so I can go back and take more pictures later :)
On our way back to the train station we found a few familiar places:
Krispy Kreme!
On the train ride back I came to the conclusion that I need to carry the Kindle with Sawyer-friendly apps or get some apps on the iPhone because he doesn't like not being able to be up on the seats. In Japan they view shoes as dirty objects so kids feet aren't supposed to touch anything but the ground (no standing on the seats). Keeping him in his stroller is a little easier when the train isn't crowded but can still lead to kicking so we will be working on that! Hopefully next time I head to Tachikawa I will have more pics and find more fun stuff to share with everyone!!!
Until the next adventure, XOXO.

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  1. Yet again another fun looking adventure! So proud of you and all your doing to embrace the experience.