Monday, September 17, 2012

Out for a Saturday Drive!

This last weekend Zack decided we'd venture off base on his day off.

We chose to revisit Joyful Honda and the Diamond City Mall. He wanted to get some off base driving experience and those were the two places we knew how to get to already!

First Stop was Joyful Honda! The best way to explain this store is well they have EVERYTHING. Its like a Super WalMart, Home Depot, Ikea combined! We decided to try the food court again but this time try something new! I couldn't take a picture of the place we tried as they ask no photography in the food area but I got a picture of what we ate :)

The black portion of the bowl is sizzling hot! It was rice with I think pork, bean sprouts, and kale. I thought I was trying lemonade but it turned out to be some Lemon Pop that tasted a little weird. Another amazing meal! Sawyer enjoyed his KFC Kids Meal, which was 1 chicken strip, very small fries, and a biscuit with Maple Syrup(guess that's their honey alternative):

After lunch we walked around the store as I was looking for wreath making materials, our door needs a little something! Came out empty handed but snapped a few pics inside the store:
 Wooden Temples to build!
 Umbrella Wall!
Bike in the Antique Section
After roaming around Joyful Honda checking stuff out we went across the street to Toys R Us
Doesn't look any different on the outside but inside it is 98% Japanese toys! Way cool to see. I have a video up on my facebook of Japanese Woody from Toy Story. The thing I found the most interesting was the sideways car seat:
Guess with their small cars this helps take up less space!
After checking things out in Toys R Us we headed to the mall. The Diamond City Aeon Mall is three stories of awesomeness! They even have GAP and H&M.
We walked around the mall checking out all the stores until Sawyer got fussy. No naps for the kid makes a rough afternoon!


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