Friday, September 7, 2012

First Dinner Off Base!

Just walked in the door and barely got our shoes off but I have to share our amazing adventure we had this evening! One of Zack's coworkers has immersed himself in the language and area. He is taking us under his wing to teach us his ways!

We went to dinner in a restaurant above Seiyu (I don't know the name of it) that had delicious noodles! Zack and I ordered the Tempura Chicken Steak over rice with a side of noodles (Zack got Udon and I got Soba).

My Meal
We ordered Sawyer a kids meal, since sharing food in Japan is rude you always order something for everyone at the table, he devoured almost all of it and ate the noodles like a pro!

Sawyer slurping noodles

Our meal was uber filling and cost us 2080Yen, which is about $26 and we couldn't even finish all of our food! Plus Sawyer got a toy with his meal :) Then after dinner since we didn't save room for their desserts we headed down stairs to Mister Donut to indulge in a rice donut. I have found the best way to spend 126Yen:
Mister Donut Rice Eclair

Before dinner we venture to the local Aeon Mall, 3 stories of awesomeness. It is very Americanized and even has stores like H&M, GAP, LL Bean and KFC. They are supposed to have a cool play area that we might check out on the next rainy day. The free stroller carts were really cool and Sawyer enjoyed driving around the mall!
Little Man driving around the mall
I was very proud of Zack's driving skills off base today, some of those roads get pretty tight! Our plan is to head into Downtown Tokyo tomorrow and learn how to navigate the train system!


  1. Sounds life an adventure. Food looks sooooooo good! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this

  2. You're making my hungry for noodles! haha