Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!

Two really exciting things happened today, but before I get to that I will recap my fitness week!
 This last week I have not been doing 30 Day Shred due to continuing Knee issues. I did see the doctor though! He said its (my MCL) definitely not torn, and as many of you know recovering from a Sprain is a slow process! I really like Dr. S though for the fact that he gives me options of things to do to still be active. I do have knee braces to wear when I exercise now due to the position of my hips, I tend to put a lot of pressure on my joints making recovery a lot slower! I made it back out to Water Aerobics! Its such a fun and awesome workout, I'm thinking I may need to find a sitter when Zack is gone to continue going!
On my way to Water Aerobics
Working on getting my beach body back...

I only made it to the gym 3 times last week, seems like 3 is my magic number. Dr. S suggested the stair stepper to help build muscle to prevent me from having to go to physical therapy, but I have yet to brave that machine- maybe tomorrow if the gym isn't shut down by Tropical Storm Man-Yi! One goal is to do more miles than I did last month! In August I completed 30.4miles, so far I have completed 21.6miles - I think I got this!!! So Run for the Cure is 12 weeks away, I'm starting to feel the pressure since C25K was interrupted with my knee issues. I only have another 3 weeks until I truly NEED to start the program back up to be as ready as I can on Race Day.

Which leads me to the FIRST AWESOME milestone I reached today:

I RAN, yes the entire time, a whole 5k!!!!!
3.1 miles in 37:46
I decided on my way to the gym that I would try and run a 5k on the treadmill. To see how the knee brace helped, how slow I am, and how much I need to improve. I jogged to the gym to get warmed up, got up to the cardio room and set the treadmill on speed 5. Don't get me wrong there were a few times I want to turn it down and say well I tried, but I knew that would do me no good on my long term goal. It wasn't easy but I feel SOOOO good that I accomplished it! Now I am no where near my goal of running 9-10min miles, but its a start. As for my knee, its a bit sore and the real test will be to see how it feels tomorrow.
Now MILESTONE #2 I hit today:

I 'm UNDER 165lbs!!!!
According to my RunKeeper, I am 25% of my way to my 30lb weight loss goal! At first I thought the new scale at the gym was off, figured it was crazy that I had lost almost 3lbs in a week. So when I got home I broke out my WiiFit and its not lying! Now how much of this is water weight that I will gain back once I start drinking more, I still suck at drinking water or anything for that matter during the day. I have about 10 more pounds before I am at Pre-Bristol weight and about 22 to go until I reach my goal!
Now its time to sit around and wait for this Tropical Storm to hit. Waiting on it is kind of like watching paint dry. TCCOR 4 was 48hours ago and it seems like a week ago. It just needs to come and go! I stumble upon a yummy fall-ish cookie recipe on one of my favorite sites (Skinnytaste)that I may try to make tonight: Skinny Pumpkin Spiced Snickerdoodles!
Until Next Time