Sunday, September 8, 2013

Proud of Myself This Week!

The first week of September as flown by, maybe its because I'm in Baby Shower mode, but I can truly say I am proud of myself.

On the Fitness Side of My Journey: I haven't stuck to my fitness calendar 100% but I haven't given up. I have come to realize I am not at the 3 workouts a day level yet, after putting my all into 2 I am spent. Wednesday ended up being a day of rest because Zack and I went on a date and time slipped away. Thursday I started the day with Jillian to get shredded then I did my first water aerobics that night, I went into it thinking it was going to be easy and wasn't expecting the workout I got! It was totally fun and man it worked my muscles good, I want to do it more! Its offered 2 nights a week and 2 mornings a week, with Zack's schedule I am hoping to catch it at least once a week. When I got home I was all set to do my Biggest Loser, yea that didn't happen my body was mush and that's when I realized if I push too hard I will hurt myself again. Friday I made it to the gym for a good 45 min Cardio workout then came home and did 30 Day Shred! Very pleasantly surprised when I went to weigh myself and it showed 167.8, since only a week before I weighed in at 170, I'd say 30 Day Shred is doing some work! The way I am doing shred is on 2 days off 1 day. Yes it will take me longer than 30 days to get shredded but gives my body recovery time! Now yesterday (Saturday) was another oops Rest Day. With Zack working it makes it hard to get to the gym kid free with their hours and I was doing Shower stuff. With that guilt of taking another day off that I was supposed to be getting my butt into gear I woke up at 4:20am this morning and pulled myself out of bed. Determined to do my first jog outside in almost a month, I tied up my shoes and made my way outside using the elevator as my stretching time. When I got outside it was drizzling, now my inner lazy bum said turn around and go back to bed but I'm not made of sugar so I decided to just enjoy the warm rain. This was my first non-gym cardio since I hurt my knee a few weeks ago, so I wasn't completely sure how far or long I could go. Now I'd like to be able to say I got out there and jogged the entire 26min but I would totally be lying! I'd say I jogged 85% of the time. My problem is breathing techniques while I run I tend to try and hold my breath and pacing myself- hopefully restarting C25K will help with that. Now I lasted 26 min I was shooting for around 30 cause Zack had to leave for work and Bristol slept through the night so I didn't want her screaming for a bottle as he was trying to get ready, I will take my 2.15 miles over 0 any day!

 Looking like a hot mess after my rainy jog

Kinda proud I could still pull of 12 min miles

Hoping to get more miles in this month than I did last month!

On the Food Side of My Journey: Other than our Italian Dinner we have stuck to our meal plan and haven't been bad this week. I am actually having a hard time eating enough calories in a day. Since I have 2 under 1 during the day in the week, sometimes I just cant find time to eat - which is a terrible excuse and I am working on it. I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to share it:
I remember this every time I think about eating cookies or cake after I work out. Just cause you burn X amount of calories doesn't mean you should reward that with eating something bad for you. Now this doesn't mean I will never eat cookies and cake, cause lets face it that is TOTALLY unrealistic *especially with the Baby Shower happening today*! My favorite meal I whipped up this week was a tie between my Chicken Avocado Wrap with Cottage Cheese:
Or my Mexi-Ranch Turkey Burgers (Protein Style for me) with Sweet Potato Fries.

 I got the idea for the burgers off Pinterest but then ended up just making my own recipe, they were amazing, even Sawyer gobbled his up in no time. I did top the boys burgers with cheese and added Jalapenos to Zack's, but just served mine on lettuce with Avocado! Here is how I made them:

1 lb. Ground Turkey
1/2 packet or 1 1/2 TBSP of Ranch Seasoning
1 TBSP Mrs. Dash Southwest Seasoning
1/2 tsp Cumin

Mix well, then divide into 4 equal patties.
Grill or Cook in Pan until done.

Nutrition Facts. Serving Size 1 Patty:
236Calories, 1 Carb,17g Fat,199 Protein,261mg sodium0g sugar

I'm still on the quest to drink more water, not sure how something so easy can be so hard to do! I will get this down though!

Well it is time to get ready to go decorate the rec room, be watching for a Baby Shower post cause I am totally excited about how all our stuff came out! Until Next Time~



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