Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Round 1 Fix Results!

Back at the end of March I started my first round of 21 Day Fix! I tracked my journey on my Facebook, but neglected to blog about it. Now that I want to start sharing some Fix recipes on here I figured I better show and tell why I LOVE the 21 Day Fix!!!

I was able to go a full 21 Days with NO cheats! And I lost 6.2 pounds and 12.5 inches! I was shocked! Not once did I feel like I was starving myself and at times thought that the workouts weren't doing much.
I signed up to be a Beachbody coach because I totally feel in love with myself again (and the coach discount is pretty nice too!) If you are ready to make a change join me:

So what I have I been doing since my first round of 21 Day Fix?
Well took advantage of Beachbody's April sale and bought T25. And just this last week finished that 10 week program:

You really can do anything you put your mind too!
I am  here to help anyone who would like it and I look forward to being able to share my favorite Shakeology recipes and Fix Recipes!

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