Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Door Décor: Valentine's Style {with Tutorial}

I survived the trip to the US with the kids! So before I dive into a 3 part post of our US Travels, I decided my boring door needed something and I was feeling crafty!!! I wanted to do a Valentines theme and only wanted to use stuff I had on hand. I remembered about a pin I had seen last year for a Coffee Filter Wreath and got an idea to make a Coffee Filter Heart Wreath, I tried to do the coloring ombre as well! My finished product

Ombre(ish) Heart Wreath
Adapted from Faith.Home. Love. Monogram Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial 

What You Will Need:
Coffee Filters
Red Food Coloring
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon or String for hanging
Gloves (optional)

Step 1:
Dye the filters. I used a bowl and added a few drops of food coloring mixed with various amounts of water depending on how pink/red I wanted the filters. Less water with more drops of food coloring will make the filters more red, or if you want pink do more water and less food coloring drops.
**If you don't want your hands stained red I suggest wearing gloves!**

Step 2:
Dry the filters, I stuck them out on my patio and let them dry for many hours.
*I didn't put any wax paper down and probably should have since the wet filters got some red dye on the cement*

Step 3:
Draw a heart (or whatever shape you'd like) onto cardboard and cut it out.
Step 4:
I painted the heart red so if my filters didn't cover completely it wasn't brown showing through.
Step 5:
Make sure your glue gun is plugged in and you have all your filters (that need to be 100% dry!), scissors and cardboard and start assembling!
Fold the coffee filters in half, then in half again and once more in half. You will have a triangular piece in which you cut the point off before gluing to the cardboard.
 Start by going around the edges then work your way to the middle.  

Once you have filled the cardboard and you are satisfied with your final product, add some ribbon to the back to hang it on your door.

Now hang/display where ever you like!

My ombre isn't prefect but I love the color variation. This was a fun, fairly quick and simple project. Plus it adds a little color to the plain and boring tower hallway!

Until Next Time,

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