Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nope, No Resolution For Me.

I haven't been on here much. Lots of family time and keeping busy with the kids. The end of the year ALWAYS seems to fly by. I swear it was just Halloween and now I sit here writing January 1, 2014! As with the last 3 years, Zack and I didn't spend New Year Eve together due to him being on a night shift. But last night I was able to hang out with a few of my friends to ring in the New Year! When you are thousands of miles from "home" its nice to have a few quality friends who you can share holidays with.
When Zack got home this morning he said "Ok, what's your resolution?" I responded with "I don't make those." And he was slightly shocked but here is why I am not a Resolution setter:

First off I'd rather not feel like a failure. I've done it before - set a goal that I failed to reach. Really it doesn't make you want to try harder it makes you feel like your terrible for not being able to reach it. All these "I'm getting to the gym EVERYDAY" resolutions, let's be honest half of those people wont do it, maybe for January but not for 12 whole months.

Second, People aim TOO high. I'm not saying that everyone who makes New Years Resolutions make unrealistic goals but a lot of people fall into the trend of making big generic goals that aren't personal enough to cater to themselves.

Third, This ties into my first two reason: I don't feel like there should be a "holiday" in which we set goals. I am a fan of setting smaller goals throughout the year. For myself its easier to take a look at what has happened the prior month and make a smaller goal to help make adjustments. Setting a goal that is too high makes it easier to fail. A huge generic goal for me does little good because I need it to feel personal to work on accomplishing it.

Zack had told me he will make me stick to mine and I said No. But with that I haven't thought of what my next smaller goals are yet. Right now the only thing on my mind is making it through our States Trip. As I will be flying internationally with both kids BY MYSELF! Once that stress and fun is over then I will buckle down a little more on goals. I do need to get better about setting and accomplishing goals.

For ALL of you who do make New Years Resolutions, I wish you the best! Just because I don't set them doesn't mean I don't support those who do.

2014 will be more than interesting for our family. We have an international trip coming up, we will be without The Man of the house for a bit, and we are coming up on our halfway mark here in Japan! I know the year will be full of stressful times and happy times but plan to make the best of it. And I hope you will do the same.

Here is our 2013 in Review:


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