Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Can ALMOST Count the Days on 1 Hand

I sit here 6 days before scheduled Cesarean (Yes, I declined a VBAC) with excitement, joy, nerves, and contractions! I've had some time to reflect the last couple days and just wanted a place to put my thoughts so here it goes...

2010- Zack and I get married.
2011- We welcomed Sawyer.
2012- We move to Japan.
2013- We are welcoming our Second Child!

Four BIG years in my life, I went from skipping class, quitting school, partying in Chico all the time to being married with a family living in another country. We were married in March and instantly knew we'd have a family some day, after four months we decided to try to start our family. I remember the day we found out we were expecting with Sawyer, I was at work and instead of telling Zack in person I called him- still wish I would of done something more spectacular but I was in shock and excited! Nine months of "preparing" yet the day that you welcome that first baby you are never truly prepared! Parts of the day we welcomed Sawyer I can't recall, the emergency C-Section and craziness makes things blur together but others like holding him for the first time I will never forget! Parenthood made us grow as a couple and individually, it wasn't easy but becoming a parent is one of my greatest accomplishments in life. Each day you are challenged and have so many decisions to make not only for yourself but for your child! There are many days when you are tested and you think you are going insane but I wouldn't change it for the world.

The decision to expand our family again wasn't hard, we knew we didn't just want one child. Unlike with the first time it didn't happen right away, I started to get impatient wondering if maybe something was off. Zack just kept saying it will happen when the time is right. After 4 months I felt off, not wanting to get my hopes up I decided to take a test anyways. What I read I wasn't sure, the line was faint so I waited a few days and took another yet again a faint line. I knew that it meant I should call and get an official test! I brought Zack out the test and he was in a small state of shock. I did the whole blood test and wait game, the call came in at 4:40pm just as I thought the lab had forgotten about me...Positive! Even though as a couple you were trying that moment of "Is this really happening?" crosses your mind.

My Kryptonite for the first few months! 

The first trimester was wonderful HELL. I lost 15 pounds, I was so sick, the only thing I could eat was white bagels and Bagelfuls. It made the holidays really interesting and frustrating as well cause I never wanted to leave the house. Here you aren't seen until week 12 for your first visit where I welcomed a nausea cocktail prescription and was able to finally eat and leave the house without feeling like death. This pregnancy was completely opposite of my Sawyer Pregnancy, which has been the case the entire time! I don't feel like I ever got the glow this go around, unless by a glow radiates when your tired all the time and have so many aches and pains! Chasing a toddler around while growing a human is hard work!!! We debated on what we thought we were having: I was Team Blue and Zack was Team Pink. We started our list of names but I knew once we started that it was a girl because NONE of the boys names appealed to me and I found myself neck deep in baby name sites only looking at girl names. In February we got our ONLY ultrasound that the Air Force gives you besides your initial one to get your due date, to find out Zack was right- we'd welcome a Baby Girl in June! 

The second trimester brought much more energy and my appetite! Since before we moved to Japan I had lost almost 50lbs I was determined to not gain another 70 like I did with Sawyer. Once I started feeling better I tried to walk at least 2 miles a day. Well again my body decided to plot against me I developed a hernia and I started having back, hip, and pelvis issues, halting my workout/walking routine. I was able to walk at least every other day for about 6 weeks though which helped with the cravings of nothing but sweets! With only seeing the doctor every 6 weeks things went as good as they could, this whole military hospital OB care has been a crazy experience in itself!

On one of our walks

The third trimester seemed to just sneak up, then before you know it instead of counting down the months your counting weeks cause it makes it seem like it goes faster, now its down to days.
This time around I procrastinated, figured we had time. Zack moved his music equipment and got the crib all set up and kept encouraging me to get in the baby's room and get it together. Since we had one kid already I figured we knew what to expect and that prepping for another baby would be no worries. Well mid-May I realized I needed to get my butt in some serious gear! Throughout the pregnancy we had been receiving packages with outfits, shoes, the girly stuff (Still holding onto hope that the ONE ultrasound you are given here was correct!) and I slowly picked up random items we would need. A friend stationed in Germany sent a huge box of clothes as well so we weren't too concerned with clothes. Since we didn't have a baby shower this time around we aren't as stocked with diapers but I've come to the conclusion that as for material things we are ready, might have scrambled the last two weeks but we got all the essentials. This last weekend I did all the baby laundry and Zack put together the bouncer and set up the pack n play, we are just missing our little girl!
With the newborn stage I remember being tired and lots of naps when Sawyer would nap, I was able to stay home for 8 weeks after his birth before returning to work Full-Time. This time around I don't get time off from my job, Zack gets a couple weeks off so he can help during recovery but my place of work surrounds me all the time! I'm excited to experience things I missed daily while Sawyer was at day care, never pictured myself being a stay at home Mom but I do like it. I also didn't breastfeed Sawyer - he had some serious latching issues so I pumped exclusively for 5 weeks before throwing in the towel and switching to formula. So this time around I had the thought of trying it, well the closer we got I had second thoughts about trying. Breastfeeding isn't for everyone and after much thought I have decided against it this go around as well. Sawyer was a formula baby and is smart so I think Bristol will be just fine, if you feel the need to know my reasons feel free to ask me but don't judge me- I don't tell you how to raise your kids so I don't need you telling me how to raise mine.
The transition from 1 child to 2 children is slightly frightening to me still. I worry about how Sawyer will feel when he doesn't get 105% of the attention at all times (Let's admit I have a SERIOUS Mama's Boy on my hands!). He points and tells me what is Bristol's, he talks to my belly, kisses my belly and loves to look/touch other peoples babies. I think he will be a great big brother, we plan on making special One on One time for him with each parent and including him in helping with Baby Sister. We are in no way professional parents who know everything but I am very confident in our ability to raise smart, respectful, good looking children!

With any luck maybe she will come a little early or she might be as stubborn as her brother and hang out until our surgery day. Being away from family for this has been hard but the Yokota Family we have gained it amazing. Until next time....


My Pregnancy Journey Pics...


38 weeks (forgot to do the 37week pic)

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