Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sakura (桜)

I feel as if this month as flown by, where did March go?! Only 30 days ago it started and the land was still bare and the trees all looked dead, now while out and about the scenery is brightening up even on gloomy days with all the Cherry Blossoms in bloom!

When we found out we had orders to Yokota the first two things that crossed my mind were Mt. Fuji and Cherry Blossoms! Well I am blessed to be able to see Fuji-san out my bedroom window on nice clear days. We have yet to make it up towards the mountain to check things out, but we will one of these days! One goal I have before our 4 years expires here is to climb Fuji! I figure I'll do it our last summer here so I have time to train and prepare myself for that journey!
Fuji-san from my bedroom patio back in December!
I kept hearing that the Cherry Blossoms would be in bloom late March so as the days ticked by I and we got closer to the end of the month I figured I'd start taking more walks off base to check things out, plus I'm currently pushing myself to make it 60miles in 2 months so I like to get those miles in! It wasn't until the 22nd that the trees really started to get pretty. Since I had never experienced Spring in Japan I didn't know what to expect exactly but words and pictures do no justice to the beauty of the Sakura. In a short 8 days the trees have gone from lightly blooming to the petals falling off. Its a quick change and weather doesn't help (this rain and breeze we are having is starting to make it snow blossoms). I also didn't realize how symbolic the cherry blossoms were for the Japanese, its the start of a fresh season. They celebrate by pinicing under the trees and having festivals! (We have yet to make it out to a festival due to Zack's work schedule.) I got to watch part of a documentary explaining the meaning of the Sakura to the Japanese and it was very touching. I went on a walk with a friend a week ago along the Tama River. It was a cloudy, windy day yet there were still so many people enjoying themselves under the trees along the paths. A lot of people had little grills going or bento boxes and they were drinking. The way they value family and nature really speaks to me. I felt happy just watching family and friends enjoying themselves. I would love to make it out to Showa Park before all of the blossoms are gone but the weather forecast the next week looks awful wet, thankfully we have another 3 Springs to enjoy the scenery! Here are some pictures of Sakura that I have snapped :)
Down by the Tama River
Same trees as the above picture just up on the path and one day later :)
Sawyer and I on our walk
This picture doesnt even begin to show to massive amount of people out enjoying the trees on a rather blah day, but that family having a picnic was cute!
Just love the white and pink!
On base.
Our Tower
Trees along the street by our tower.
The beauty of these trees is something that one really needs to experience, I could try and describe the beauty and take a million pictures but it still does them no justice! I just wish they hung around a little longer! With the Sakura blooming and the switch from nice weather to rain, you can tell spring is here!
Since I don't do the whole New Years Resolution thing I like to set goals every so often for self improvement. With losing so much weight before this pregnancy I was determined not to gain the 65lbs that I did when I was pregnant with Sawyer, so I set a goal once the weather got nice to walk with Sawyer. Figured it would get us both out of the house and the cardio would help me not gain too much weight. March 11th, after 2 decent walks I decided it was time to set another goal! The goal being I want to walk 60 miles before May 11th. My walks average 30min-2hours depending on where my feet decide to go and if I have Sawyer with me or not. I have a couple friends who walk with me and little do they know help keep me motivated to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I'm finding that the first 45 min is the most brutal, but I love the accomplishment I feel after I get 3miles or so in. Due to the rainy season I will have to start walking on the treadmill to keep on track to knock my 60mile goal out of the park, but I'm proud to say that as of March 30th I have 28/60 miles completed (47% of the way there)!!! There are days the pelvic pressure is too much or I am so fatigued that I know better than to push myself, or the days that after the walk I cant do anything cause of aches and pains but I am hoping that keeping active will help my recovery time as well as keep some weight off.
Here is my longest distance so far, I'm not trying to go fast plus this was a day that we stopped and took lots of pictures of Cherry Blossoms and ran into Seiyu for Strawberries!
We are getting ready to take a trip to Yokosuka Naval Base in two days so be on the lookout for that fun adventure post! Until Next Time XOXOXO

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